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Aunty Vax is a community driven project - ​Aunty Vax is our cheeky family Aunty who shows the team’s views, thoughts and emotions on the past two years across the world.

Let’s face it, some moments during this “pandemic” have been comical, which we have tried to capture through our trusted Aunty Vax. Other moments, however, have been nothing but unequivocally wrong, and quite frankly, beyond belief.

These pieces of NFT Art work have all been carefully considered to attempt to represent these moments during the recent tumultuous world history we have lived through.

This NFT will be exactly that - in years to come, a meaningful investment of a moment you lived through in the history books, regardless of your views.

Owning an Aunty Vax NFT is a must!



- Marketing Aunty Vax to the community
- Discord and Social media launch
- Completion of Artwork 


- Building a White list  
- White list announcement 
- Promotions and Giveaways via our Discord and Socials!!


- Mint your Aunty Vax on ​​the 29th of April


-Metaverse development


- More Family Members to come…. Keep your eyes peeled!


Each AuntyVax is unique. Find the rarest ones among the possible combinations.

66% – Common
28% – Rare
5% – Epic
1% – Legendary


Where and how can I mint an Aunty Vax?  

Aunty Vax will be available directly on our website. Whitelist Mint open March 29th, 2022, and Public Mint will open 48 hours after on April 29th, 2022.

Link your Metamask and away you go!

  Is there a Whitelist?  

Yes, will be annouced 24hours before 28th April. Whitelist is open and all details regarding the Whitelist process will be available on our Discord  Link is  HERE .

What is the Mint price?  

Mint Price is 0.1Eth + Gas.

How many Aunty Vax NFTs can I mint per transaction?  

You will be able to purchase 10 Aunty Vax per transaction with no Maximum Per Wallet.

Where do I see my Aunty Vax NFT after Purchase?  

Once purchased, your Aunty Vax will appear on both Opensea and within your Wallet. You will see a holding image until reveal and then your Aunty Vax NFT will appear.

We will keep everyone informed on our Socials, so keep a look out!

When is the reveal?  

Reveal will take place 5 Days after Mint on May 4th.

Exact times will be communicated via our Socials.

Is there Rarity?  

Yes! The whole collection will be Ranked, so you are in with a chance to land a Super Rare Aunty Vax!

Good Luck.